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The Best Ways to Achieve a Clutter-free Work Space

Tired of feeling like your office is constantly filled with clutter, no matter how consistently you clean? Turns out that not having the proper storage space for all your work-related junk is a pretty common problem (how many times have you wondered where else you’re going to put that perpetual pile of paperwork, other than your desk?). However, there are solutions to this all-too-popular conundrum – and they all involve finding the right kind of storage. Here are three of the best ways to store your stuff and effectively de-clutter your office, once and for all:

  • Invest in an acrylic pocket display

Not familiar with this term? Well, it’s time you got to know these handy little gadgets on a first-name basis, because they’re going to change your office life. Acrylic pocket displays are clear shelves – clean, neat ways of storing papers and miscellaneous items that are perfect for displaying on your desk, or anywhere else around the room. Say goodbye to crazily-placed paperwork and hello to organization with these devices!

  • Get a label-maker

Label-makers are great for organizing your office space – you’ll instantly feel more organized and clutter-free with the application of a few labels here and there. You’ll be more easily able to access important files on a moment’s notice, and you won’t have to constantly be searching for misplaced items. But, be careful – label-making is addicting! Don’t start labeling everything from the coffeemaker in the break room to your co-worker’s left shoe.

  • Have the right kind of clutter

There are good kinds of clutter, and there are bad kinds of clutter. The bad kind is the involuntary kind: messy stacks of paper, clothes strewn about. However, the good kind of clutter can be instrumental in transforming a work space. Good clutter is a bouquet of farmer’s market flowers. Good clutter is having a few artfully placed art pieces hung on your walls. Know the difference, and you’ll be good to go.

Having a clean and clutter-free work environment is integral to how you feel when you’re at work. Do you want to feel disorganized, or do you want to feel put-together? The choice is yours!

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