The home garage is a victim of its own making. For some reason, garages consistently conjure up images of grime, oil and rough edges and that is how they can often end up, even if your vehicle has long left its warm embrace. Emerging as storehouse of all things old, ignored and neglected, garages can be quite an eye sore in an otherwise perfect home.

Here’s a simple yet sure-shot way to shake things up and give your garage the makeover it needs and stop treating it like one! If your garage is far from desirable- functionally or visually, rechristen it into a whole new space, and voila! A thing of beauty materializes before your eyes.

In truth, garages are among the most versatile and hard wearing of spaces around the home, and as such present opportunities that the rest of your house may be too nervous to take on. Whether splashed around in paint and color as an art studio, or beating and thumping to weekly band practice, this is an ideal space to house ambitions big and bold. Alternatively you could find some peace and quiet here creating a man cave for yourself or your partner, or work out in quiet solitude.

The most popular garage conversions however remain the ones that invite your world and possibly half the neighborhood in- all without disturbing anyone tucked in bed indoors. Whether you fancy a games room, a bar or a home cinema in your garage, the thick walls and generous use of concrete here often make for some fabulous sound proofing.

Even if your existing storage is much too valuable to you, you can always tidy things up and slip in an additional activity or two. This will not only bring more life to your garage, but it will also keep it cleaner and more attended to.

Check out the infographic by Evander below for some fresh ideas!

Make the Most of Your Garage.jpg

Published in: Smart home | Author: Lynn