The living room is arguably the most important space in your home. It’s where you’ll lounge, invite your friends, binge watch the latest season of Game of Thrones and take solace in a Domino’s pizza.

Yet so many have the interior design chic of a blind man. The telly could be a prop from Mad Men, the curtains could look like something bad happened near your window and your coffee table could collapse when nudged with a slight breeze.

Without a decent living room your beautiful memories will be sullied by dodgy décor that could have so easily been avoided.

So what can you do to add a touch of chic to the most frequently used room in your home?

Help is here! We have 3 easy tips to get you started!

Easily Create a Living Room Worth Living In

1. G E T   Y O U R S E L F   A   R E C L I N E R

So many chairs feel rigid, like you’re sitting on corrugated iron or a pavement slab. Failing to adjust to your spinal requirements, you’ll endure a lifetime of back aches and a sore posterior if you sit for a prolonged period of time.

Upgrade to fabric recliner chairs that adjust to whatever position your spine desires. We recommend some of these best rated adjustable recliners from Amazon. The cream of the reclining crop will offer you adjustments to the smallest degree, meaning your back won’t ever feel a pang of pain when you want to relax.

For real comfort, purchase a matching recliner settee to enjoy what almost amounts to futon-sized comfort.

2. U S E   T E R R I F F I C   T E L L I E S

Back in the good old days, the best tellies were the ones that were the biggest. The only jargon you needed to understand was the size of your TV in inches.

Now, however, televisions can be Wi-Fi enabled, internet compatible, have dongle support, wirelessly control your toaster settings and project your thoughts to government headquarters (those last two might be lies).

But you only really need a few essentials for your small screen. All else is just a pleasant bauble.

Make sure your ideal TV is HD ready, preferably 1080p, and not so large that it’ll consume your living room (no one wants a telly that looks like a black hole when it’s switched off).

3. A D D   A   T O U C H   O F   C L A S S

We all love to guilt-watch Big Brother, but little adds class to a living room than a fancy bookshelf with a quality collection of classics.

A decent looking shelf needn’t cost the earth and the moon. A mid-priced set from a catalogue store will usually look natty enough to lend your room some chic. Failing that, why not hunt for a bargain in an antique store? Who knows what you’ll find.

After that, purchase a solid collection of classics, from Shakespeare to Marlowe to Miller. You might even enjoy reading a few of them!

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