Internet is buzzing with a new popular word – lagom. It’s a Swedish word, generally meaning ‘not too much, not too little’ and it has come to name a new hype in lifestyle trends where priority is given to responsible sustainability and practicality in everyday life rather than to unnecessary extravagance.

Lagom expresses a mindset that promotes cutting down excessive expenditures and having ‘just the right amount’ of everything, be it commodities, food, energy, water or waste. And while it is all about saving by taking from the environment not ‘too much’, this lifestyle philosophy certainly does not mean leaving ‘too little’ for ourselves in terms of comfort or coziness in our lives and our homes. On the contrary! As a reasonable and fair approach to life, lagom ensures less stress, hence more happiness and more freedom to develop as personalities and indulge in our favorite activities.

Based on the iconic Scandinavian trends of frugality and minimalism, lagom celebrates simplicity in all its expressions, including interior design. Lagom interiors promote uncluttered spaces featuring affordable furniture items marked for their practical applicability, as much as various eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient solutions. At the same time however, they also provide unlimited opportunities for introducing strong individuality through smart upcycling and DIY projects adding strong personal feel and warm coziness of a true family home.

As long as you embrace the lagom philosophy of life, it is easy to incorporate it into your home interior. See how from the infographic by Modern Rugs below.

Published in: Smart home | Author: Rossitsa