Ok, so you’ve got your basement completely done and it is beautiful. The entertainment center is perfect, the pool table looks lovely, and the wet bar is the cherry on top of the already fabulous entertaining space. Until one spring, a heavy rain turns your favorite relaxing space into an uninhabitable swamp.

There’s no way to prevent this from happening, but there are ways to minimize the damage and make flood recovery a lot easier.

First, you want to make sure that all of your gutters and drains are clean. Remove any leaves, branches, or trash, obstructing the path of the water flow. Check your downspouts and make sure they are clean and functioning properly. You can extend them away from your home using a downspout extension.

Secondly, you want to check your basement for cracks. If you find some, get them sealed as soon as possible. There are do it yourself wall repair kits you can buy on Amazon, or you can hire a professional wall repair company.

Thirdly, have a plummer check all the piping in your home. Flooding can also come in the form of a pipe that leaks or bursts.

Next, install a submersible pump. These will efficiently remove flood water from your basement. You can buy top quality pumps at specialized online stores, such as Anchor Pumps. Flotec pumps and flood kits are top notch, and will ensure that water damage is minimal and easily fixable.

And lastly, during a heavy rain, walk the perimeter of your house and check to see if any water puddles are forming around your home. If they are, contact your landscaper to see if there is a way to make sure all the water flows away from the house.

These steps, and flood insurance, are effective ways to make sure your basement stays safe, protecting your relaxing space and your investment for years to come.

Published in: Smart home | Author: Lynn