Entryway Design Tips on a Budget
Entryway Design Tips on a Budget
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7 Rules for Keeping a Small Space Organized

Even the smallest of spaces can create the biggest of impressions. Just because your home is tinier than most homes there is no reason for it to be bursting at the seams with stuff and ideas; a few smart space saving gestures can transform your home into an organized and breathtaking paradise.

With seven golden rules, gathered in an useful infographic by FBD, you can reinvent your home and space to not only streamline its aesthetics and functioning, but save you a lot of effort and resources in keeping it primed and proper. From storage to clutter, visuals to efficiency, these rules cover the core basics of smart space making when it comes to small homes and rooms.

7 Golden rules to easily organize spaces

In essence small space organizing relies on a three pronged approach that employs design, logic and lifestyle to keep your space pretty and in flow.

  1. Keep Your Stuff To A Minimum: Declutter from time to time to keep your possession in check and your space light on visual weight. When picking decorations or elements for the home, coordinate these to avoid overwhelming the space with your array of objects and styles.
  2. Store and Present Your Stuff Pleasantly and Effectively: How you store and present your stuff goes a long way to determining how organized your space is. Make use of all available space, roping in unused voids and full wall heights to help with your efforts. Display few and visually light elements and objects, stacking, storing and concealing the majority of your stuff away from view.
  3. Amplify the Feeling of Spaciousness: Use your décor to enhance the ambience and spaciousness of the home. Light window screens and curtains, monochromatic color palettes, furniture with inbuilt storage, and integrating activities into structural units and surfaces can help free up precious floor space while meeting your aesthetic, functional and storage demands.

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