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5 Reasons to Integrate a Home Elevator into Your Design Plans

Home elevators have become popular again with the growing range of choices on the marketplace. The expanding demand is based on the fact that an interior elevator can be of valuable help and very useful in doing everyday household chores – dealing with cleaning, laundry, groceries, or furniture moving. It will spare countless trips up and down the stairs and make life easier.

Interior elevator options

Naturally, you should keep in mind that such a unit requires larger spaces, both vertical as well as horizontal. Its correct positioning and architectural combination with the staircase is of no less importance, either.

Think about purpose and functionality. An elevator of some posh design would surely add more luxurious splendor in the interior of certain residences. But it is not all about the “wow”-effect! In most cases, a home elevator has actually a rather practical purpose, and even suits particular health needs, too.

Here are our five reasons to integrate a residential elevator into your home renovation project.

Discreet and Whisper Quiet

These days the variations of home elevator designs are endless – from completely bespoke to fit the exact design aspirations of a room, to sleek, contemporary styles in muted colorways. The modern residential elevator is designed to blend effortlessly into the background and fit seamlessly with your daily routine.

Moreover, some lifts are non-hydraulic, which makes them whisper quietly when in motion.

Cost effective, reliable and eco friendly

A home elevator cost starts at around $15,000 for a standard retrofit, although models massively differ depending on which type of lift you go for.

Most residential elevators come with warranty and aftercare, so after sales support is covered. A home lift is a very low maintenance and eco-friendly unit, too. Some models can be even plugged straight into a domestic plug socket, using only the same amount of energy as any standard domestic appliance.

Elevators to Suit Your Lifestyle, Purpose and Budget

Elevators are hard-working multitaskers.

As much as carrying people, they also come into their own helping with transporting heavy boxes, golf clubs, laundry, etc. between floors. They can be of great use and help when grandparents visit, and are there whenever you really need them, especially in the event of an accident or illness when stairs become an impractical obstacle.

Fast installation

A standard retrofit installation takes around one day. The only building work required in advance is a small opening in the ceiling for the lift to pass through. If you buy a modular lift, it arrives in pieces, easily passing under low ceilings and doorways. This type of lift is ultra-flexible and can be built back up into almost any location.


Integrating a home elevator into your overall design plans, brings you peace of mind about the future and gives your home longevity. It means you won’t have to sell up and downsize when you retire, and it also serves the needs of all members and all ages within your circle of family and friends.

An elevator allows you to use every area of your home, whenever you choose, as many times as you wish, day and night.

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