Bringing green into your house can really perk up your décor while adding some serious eco-credentials to the space. But choosing the right plant is often a lot more crucial to just how far you go with your intentions. Whether you have a green thumb or not, a little background research can save you and your interiors from a lot of hassle. Not just your own gardening potential, but also the quality and character of your space play an important role in your decision. Light, humidity, ceiling heights and space, as well as the degree of care and attention you can provide must all be considered.

Cacti are of course the easiest to maintain and bring a unique aesthetic into your home; but a little effort can create just as spectacular- if not more- statements by tapping into the silhouette and sensorial qualities of a spectrum of plants. This infographic by Made offers you a step by step journey to identifying the ideal plant for you and your home. Once you have identified the ideal species, accentuate your plant with a stunning container, and organic accessories such as smooth pebbles or accent lights for the perfect composition.

Which indoor plant is the right - infographic by Made

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