You know you are living in a completely new age when the humble light bulb just won’t do by itself anymore. First there was dimmable lighting and ambient options; enter the twenty first century and in step in smart home systems guaranteeing to save not just your money, but piece of mind too. In this day and age it is all about personalization; we have moved away from the pleasures of conformity to the intricacies of personal whim and fancy, and our spaces and technology reflect it. Sure you might have to shell out a couple of extra dollars, but give it enough time and IKEA is bound to save the day; this time it is with the IKEA smart home system.

IKEA smart home system (1).jpg
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Versatile and responsive, yet promised at a price that would make even your grandma smile, the system has been developed in keeping with the company’s overall goals, mission and ideals. What’s even better is that this system cuts out the electrician, and the meters of wiring that comes with them to clutter your home, to create a solution that is practical, cheap and straightforward. Using color changing LEDs the IKEA smart home system allows you to customize the lighting in a room using a simple switch provided; a mobile app in development brings even more options and functionality to this design.

Walk into a room and the light changes to suit your preferences, or you could create your very own sunrise right in the heart of your living room! Excited? We sure are; but the system is still in development and hasn’t exactly hit the shelves yet. A little patience though, and you might just soon reinvent your home at the touch of your fingertips and at a fraction of the price.

Photos: Adam Clark Estes

Published in: Smart home | Author: Laleema