There are a number of factors that dictate when or why you may decide to alter your windows. Make the change and after these points you’ll probably see that they all offer the same results.

Suffering from heat loss

This is the most common problem across households all over the world, so a good place to start. Old houses or relatively modern homes with single glazing windows lose an incredible amount of heat during the cold winter months.

But we don’t have to suffer through this anymore, as there are updates and new things we can do. Double glazing and the different types on offer is now the best option for those wanting to optimize heat levels in their homes.

Single glazed windows lose up to 20% more heat than their double glazing counterparts, so you can save a lot by simply upgrading to a higher quality window.

Moving House

When moving into a new house, it’s generally accepted that you aim to get the highest amount for your current house, by optimizing its value. One highly successful way of doing this is to refit the windows. While the cost of installation may not completely match the increase in house value, the fact that you have double glazing will increase the saleability of the house by huge amounts, as people rarely want the extra work for themselves. They’re also more likely to accept that the rest of the house is up to date too.

Another reason it makes your home more desirable to potential buyers is the added security gained from upgrading to double glazing windows as they’re generally a lot more hard wearing, and the frames come with secure locking systems that will put a lot of opportunist criminals off from breaking in and entering your property.

Going green

If it’s not a question of money or moving house, you could be looking to refit your family home in a way that benefits the environment. More and more people are working to make their homes greener all the time, with a lot of focus on environmentally friendly home improvements in the media at the moment. The two most popular ones currently are solar panels and ecologically-friendly windows.

Solar energy is a great, green source of energy, and people favour it because it’s one of the few green options that can save- and ultimately make- you money. Electricity can be sold back to the national grid if enough is made throughout the summer, which is a pretty good additional bonus for helping the environment.

There are also now windows that can offer greener solutions to the home. EcoGain windows are a good example of this. They let heat in via sunlight which reduces the amount you spend on heating and, in turn, reduces your carbon footprint.

What kind of windows do you have?

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