Let’s talk shabby chic. It’s a trend that is most certainly storming through the high street and one that most of us would like to jump on board with. The craze actually started in Great Britain, but its aesthetically pleasing nature has made shabby chic popular worldwide and it is much easier to get our hands on furniture, ornaments, fabrics and decorations that fit the mould. Take a look at this latest post for tips on how to achieve a beauty interior with a shabby chic edge…

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Funky Furniture

If you have a browse through any interior design store, you will be sure to find a few shabby chic items laying around. From painted coffee tables to wicker chairs, there is an abundance of furniture that can be deemed shabby chic such as this beautiful hand carved mirror from Furniture For Living /image below/. If you want to browse the options online, we are certainly not stopping you, but if you are interested in taking on a little DIY then stick around a little longer.

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If you have any wooden furniture such as old chairs and chairs – or even pallets that you could transform into a TV stand! – why not give them a lick of paint? We’re not talking neon paint; we’re talking the one and only Annie Sloan. Go wild with a little chalk paint, sandpaper and maybe even stencils. You might think that shabby chic is solely focused on white, but any roughed up painted furniture can look equally fantastic in your home. And you will love it even more because you made it unique to your style.

Make Your Own Candles

You may be wondering how candles can really affect the vintage/shabby chic style interior that you are working towards. Don’t panic – we definitely know what we are talking about here! During the winter months when natural light has become a rarity you can find solace in candle light. The flickers of light can certainly change the feel of your interior space and fast-track you to shabby chic heaven.

Our top tip is to get a little creative and make your own candles. It is such a fantastic way of achieving a shabby chic edge as you can use almost any item to hold your candle wax. From vintage teacups to delicate ribbons, there are so many options for you to choose from and they will all look equally stunning. There are plenty of candle-making kits available around the web and from local craft shops, so it’s easy to get together what you need to make a start! Image below is by Kid Craft Project.

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Extra Accessories

Shabby chic does not essentially have to be so shabby! It can be beautiful and elegant to suit whatever style of interior you have. From antiques to retro appliances (a little bit of shiny never hurt anyone) you can fill your home with quirky accessories which perfectly complement your roughed up furniture. Here is some inspiration from Fun Stuff Cafe:

How to work with shabby chic (4)How to work with shabby chic

Shabby chic is a difficult ideal to explain but it is certainly not difficult to achieve. To actually see what we have been discussing in this post, take a look at Pinterest for detailed images of the faithful shabby chic designs.

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