You have a house. A beautiful, cozy and perhaps even two-story house. But is it enough? Let’s see. Your spouse has probably occupied the bedroom, the kids are running all over the house, and there is no place left for you to enjoy just a few moments of silence. Don’t worry, we totally understand how you feel and we offer you a solution – create your own private leisure spot at home by building an extension. It must have a lock and the only key should hang on a string on your chest 🙂 Just kidding… or not.

Building a house extension might sound too expensive but you can always customize it according to your budget. In this relation you can choose between a two-story, a sloped, a pitched, or a flat floor extension. Our favorites are the sloped roofs, because they create a unique feeling of coziness. The extension could serve as a place for relaxation, for creative thinking, for a home office, or even for atelier.

Choose the right furniture according to the size and the function of the space. In our opinion, an extension should be bright, perhaps painted in white, with a single working spot, a soft and fluffy armchair or a beanbag chair, a coffee table with two ottomans and most importantly it has to have plenty of light. Nothing enlivens a room like natural light!

To help you fill the space with light, we recommend you the high-quality windows by VELUX®. The company offers side and roof windows that will flood the extension with natural light and will make the place look larger. You don’t want to miss your daily dose of vitamin D, do you?! If you’re planning to use the new extension for relaxation or only in the evenings, you better get a set of blinds with a remote-control from VELUX webshop. With just one button you’ll easily transform the day into night. Add a few fresh plants and you’ll have a private island inside your own home.

Have you already started to draw the sketches?

Published in: Smart home | Author: Lynn