Raising a family to love the world means teaching children to understand their role in preserving nature. Unchecked and unwise human activity poses a serious danger to the ecosystem, and raising your children to understand this will help them to be conscientious citizens later in life.

You can start by setting a good example around the house and doing everything you can to make your home energy friendly, particularly in regard to climate control. After all, energy efficiency is the art of making little changes, knowing that the small things add up to something larger.

There are several small things you can do to keep your energy expenses down. Some examples include replacing the gaskets on your refrigerator, installing a smart thermostat so you can program your home’s temperature on the go, checking up on your insulation, using fans to move the air though your house more efficiently, and treating your windows. You can also have your heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) system serviced. Another important thing to consider is the air quality in your house, which is also intimately connected to the health and age of your HVAC system.

This infographic reveals more details about these and other ways to make your house healthier and more energy efficient. As an added benefit, paying strict attention to these details should also cut your monthly bills. Use the infographic along with the advice of qualified professionals as a guide to improving your environment, both around the house and around the globe.

Healthy house infographic

Published in: Smart home | Author: Lynn