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You’ve Perfected Your Home: Now The Home Office

Your living room resembles a sultan’s palace, your kitchen could make Jamie Oliver weep with joy and your bedroom feels like it’s from Versailles. Now that the essentials are out of the way, how are you going to improve your home office?

Few people consider the interior décor of their home office, treating it like a second-class citizen in the hierarchy of their home. But if you’re running a business from your spare room, wouldn’t you like to do it in comfort?

In large offices containing dozens of people, employers understand that the look and feel of a working environment is vital to keep those worker bees buzzing.

Offices, no matter how big or small, shouldn’t feel like a drag.

So what could you do to improve yours?

Transitional Home Office by Martha O’Hara Interiors
Transitional Home Office by Martha O’Hara Interiors

Plants for life

That stuffy small room you call an office could do with an injection of life. After all, without fresh air your productivity rate will falter like a reluctant jogger in an apathy marathon.

Office plants are the simplest way to lend breathing space to a room. This is in part thanks to the miraculous biological makeup of plants that actively oxygenate their surroundings. This is what’s known as photosynthesis, where a plant will “breathe in” carbon dioxide and “breathe out” oxygen.

Moreover, professional office plant providers can provide you with a range in a variety of colors, sizes and smells. For real comfort, why not invest in a new plant every week? The variety will relax you into your nine-to-five grind.

Best seat in the house

Have you ever tried to sit in a cut-price office chair for more than an hour? It’s like enduring Chinese water torture, with every drip-drip of water replaced by the crick-crick of your spine slowly distending.

In the long run, a cheap seat will ruin your back. A more expensive chair will empty your wallet in the short term, but allow you to work in essential comfort. When it comes to a cheap, but high quality office chair, here’s our recommendation. It is an absolute best seller.

Let there be light

Here comes the sun, as the lovely lilting tones of The Beatles sang. And when you’re trapped in your office on a bright day, you’ll be endlessly distracted. So turn your dingy room into a suntrap with a larger window.

To balance light effectively, combine your new window with a thick blackout curtain that will let you avoid the weather on those darker days.

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