Who wouldn’t want to lower their energy costs and save some money in the process? It seems there’s usually a catch or drawback to making that happen. If saving money means being inconvenienced or uncomfortable in your home, it’s not a good trade-off. Why would you want to turn down the thermostat in the winter to save energy only to rely on extra sweaters and blankets throughout the season to stay comfortable? It defeats the point of a home heating system beyond preventing your water pipes from freezing.

This infographic from Griffith Energy Services illustrates a series of home energy efficiency ideas that involve making small changes that cost little or nothing, which don’t affect your creature comforts, and can help you save money over time. Changes in habits and routines, like reheating methods for your food, disconnecting unused electronics, and selecting certain types of replacement light bulbs, can all add up to make a big difference. Keeping closet doors closed can save you money on your heating and cooling bills, as well.

Other larger scale topics are presented, though remaining simple, such as replacing your deteriorating appliances with new Energy Star rated appliances, which will cut down on energy consumption. The infographic talks about performing a home energy audit, as this service helps homeowners find areas to improve energy-efficiency, many of which are easily accomplished with low-cost projects you can do yourself. Further tips provide information on available tax and utility credits based on your appliances and other household features.

Energy savings ingographic

Published in: Smart home | Author: Lynn