Life can be an absolute pleasure to live, but the mess it comes with sometimes can be an absolute pain to clear up. Cleaning your house, contrary to what some might say, demands much more than just an instinct and can overwhelm you into complete stasis. But worry not; here to save the day is the ultimate home cleaning routine – a mastermind strategy that will bust dust, mites and all its friends out of every corner of your home and life.

Instead of trying to do it all at once, pace yourself out – not just over a few days but the entire year. Also, keep in mind that while you might be able to spot every speck of dust and every cobweb that is threatening your home, most people around you continue to live in oblivion of it – family and guests alike. So instead of getting bogged down – prioritize.

Heiton Buckley came up with a handy list of things you need to do around your home – today, this weekend, sometime this month and before the end of the year. Make a schedule that books in your time, and anybody else’s helping you, so your house does not suffer the neglect caused by a busy and demanding lifestyle.

The secret to a clean home is to factor all that needs to be done and schedule it in at the appropriate frequency and time of year. To put it simply – there are little things you can do every day by yourself and other chores that might benefit with a few helping hands; yet other things around the house might be effort intensive and are best made a day out of once a year. But irrespective of whether your cleaning task is daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, being mindful of it will help you whip your house into shape without getting stressed and exhausted along the way.

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