Today’s world is all about doing it yourself. There are so many step-by-step tutorials and guides on just about anything that it can make even the most novice of DIY’ers feel like there’s no renovation job they can’t handle. And that’s how people get tricked. What people don’t realize is that a lot of the people in these easy “do it yourself” videos are trained and skilled professionals. Because the person in the video isn’t wearing a shirt that has their company name on the shirt, they automatically think that the person in the video is an average person taking on such daunting projects.

Double garage door

Now, there are certain renovation projects that are fairly easy for DIY’ers to take on and then there are projects and times where you absolutely need to hire professionals and garage door repairs are projects where you need to actually search for garage door repair companies to help you with this particular home renovation project. There are just too many risk factors involved in trying to repair your garage door yourself. The risk factors of repairing a garage door yourself are the main reasons why you need to hire a professional to do the job.

Risk Factors

Risk of Injury

Any time a person attempts a DIY project, safety is always going to be a big issue of concern and when trying to repair a garage door, safety should be the number one concern. A lot of people don’t realize how massive a garage door can be… some garage doors can weigh in at a whopping 400 pounds.

So one of the important parts of a garage door is the torsion spring. A torsion spring is a metal component that allows the garage door to open and close with ease. Now, keep in mind what a garage door can weigh… in knowing that a torsion spring is what helps move these massive doors, can you imagine the damage it could do to you if your hand or fingers got in the way?

Of course, you know that safety would be the number one concern when taking on this project so you would take the necessary precautions but even in doing that, if you don’t have the proper training needed for working on garage doors, it’s going to be hard to ensure you’re being completely safe.

Risk of Making Your Garage Door Problem Worse Than What It Is

The emergence of YouTube has really given people the idea that they can fix anything… YouTube tutorials are NOT substitutions for proper garage door repair training. If you make one mistake, it could cost you thousands and thousands of dollars to fix than the initial issue you were trying to fix in the first place. That’s why it’s so important to budget for renovations such as this… it might seem like a small project but it can actually be quite expensive, especially if you run into unexpected expenses.

Not only that, but if you try to repair an issue on your garage door and make it worse than it was before, it could cause you to lose any warranty you may have had on your garage door. So, it’s just best to leave things up to the professionals.

Risk of Compromising Your Home

You may think you did a pretty good job repairing your garage door but the reality is that the garage door won’t fully close… You don’t think it’s a big deal because it’s only a very small window of space open. What you don’t fully realize is that small window of open space has become an invitation for thieves to enter your home through your garage door that won’t fully close, putting you and your family in potential danger.

According to industry professionals, it takes only six seconds for a thief to break into your home. All they need is a coat hanger to reach the emergency release handle… once they get that, they can easily gain access into your home but with the garage door slightly open already, you’re giving them the green light to come on in!

Garage Door Issues That You Need to Call the Pros For

The Garage Door is Noisier Than Usual

Garage doors are loud by default but if you notice that it’s louder than usual or making odd sounds when you open and close the door, it’s time to call the pros. The unusually loud or odd sounds the garage door makes can be due to a number of reasons:

  • A roller off its track
  • A broken spring
  • An issue with the track itself

The Door Won’t Open or Close

Sometimes, when a garage door won’t open or close, it’s an easy fix. Today’s garage doors have obstruction sensors where it can detect if something is in its pathway, like a bike or toy… those things can easily be removed, allowing the garage door to properly open or close. Now, it the garage door’s pathway is clear and it still won’t open or close, then it’s more than likely a problem with the garage door motor and to fix that, you definitely need to hire a professional.

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