As much of a drag as it may be to get to every now and then, cleaning your floor is something that is absolutely necessary and is something that will take up a bit of time. Even more, it will require some floor cleaning tools in order to get the job done right. With that being said, having these things do make the job much easier. So if you have just moved into a new home or you find you are missing an item or two from this list, be sure to go out and get one so your chores are that much easier.



This is the most basic, but probably the most necessary, especially if you are lacking in carpet throughout your home. Brooms will sweep up anything and everything you need (be sure you have a dust pan); this doesn’t typically take too much time and does make a big difference if done regularly. Using them outdoors on your patio is also recommended.


If you have a lot of carpeting or rugs in your home, you will need one of these. There is an incredible range of quality when it comes to hoovers, some with cleaning fluids built inside of them even. But the most basic ones will still get the job done. Using these on your carpet and rugs at more regular intervals will keep your floors looking spic and span. There are even hoovers that will do the job for you, check them out on Amazon.


First, be sure to use these after you have swept, otherwise you’ll just end up with wet dirty objects on the floor. Using a mop on your wood, tile, ceramic, etc. floors does require a bit of work, but always results in a nice finish. Just be sure to have a bucket or something similar to pour hot water and floor cleaner into and then wash the floors with it. Be sure to let the floors dry before walking on them, or as much as possible.


Professional machines

Sometimes your floor will require a bit more of effort, in which case you can always get professional machines like floor buffers or floor burnishes. You don’t need to buy such expensive equipment for a small home, there are companies that offer them for rent (and you can even arrange a free demonstration). These typically are more of an industrial sized type of machine, that could be used say in an office or public building, but if you’ve got some tough stains or stubborn grime on your floors these are just the things to use to get them off and out.

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