While a full scale remodel is a very expensive and time consuming affair, giving your home a facelift and a new fresh appearance can be done a room at a time across a few weeks in the summer and fit into many budgets. This approach depends on having structurally basics to work from and is more about changing appearance than actual design.


A fresh coat of paint is normal home maintenance and done every 2-3 years on interior walls on the average home. For a new look try going away from the typical egg shell whites and look at adding color and style. Earth tones are fashionable and dramatically change the appearance of any room compared to plain walls. Adding fabric wall covering to an accent wall will appear to change the dimensions of the room entirely. A little caution needs to be used to make sure your dramatic new look will either work with current furnishings or new pieces are added into the budget. If not having professional painters come in then make sure you use putty to fill any holes and sand well so it looks like new walls and not freshly painted.


Changing or adding wood trim or moldings will make a big impression. If your old trim has been painted switching to hardwood natural trim may be an idea. If you no longer want a Victorian look, take down the crown molding and go with a more contemporary style. Any reasonable skilled craftsman can change the molding in a whole room in a few hours or the typical house in a couple days. This cost efficient improvement makes a dramatic difference in options available for decorating to change appearance.


Have them professionally cleaned as a minimum. Consider throws or custom covers in colors to match the new wall colors if new furnishings are not to be procured. Look for places where you can minimalize and add floor space and open look as is more trending now. Mounting the TV to the wall as opposed to a large stand is a good place to start. Shades on lamps and light fixtures are all inexpensive changes that will complete the change in color and feel to the room.


If carpeting is worn or outdated, it will need to be changed. Before you order new, look underneath. A lot of homes have beautiful hardwood floors that were covered by carpet in years past that can be refinished and add elegance and luxury to any room. If the wood floors are too dark or to light for your new scheme have them sanded and refinished is a simple matter.

Published in: Smart home | Author: Lynn