In a time when the luxury of space comes at a premium, shouldn’t your home focus on making place for you rather than just the things you own? Yet countless homes are overflowing with stuff that just refuses to go away, pouring out of ever drawer, shelf and crevice. Taming your storage requirements is quite an art, but an art easily mastered with due attention, thought and consideration. To get you started, here are 15 clever ideas, brought to us in a useful infographic by FBD, to keep in mind when looking to expand storage space around the house.

The trick is to find the storage potential in practically every space, nook, corner and element that populates your home. The potential of a space to store stuff gets doubled, if not tripled, by choosing elements and furnishings with inbuilt storage, just as it does when dead spaces are transformed into neat storage units or features. So find those unused spaces around your home- under staircases, below sinks and fitted elements, and above clear head height in hallways, doors and windows and inside your furniture.

The other important aspect to consider is whether you want to display your stuff while it is stored, or neatly tuck it away. Many times even a little stuff can look like a lot if it isn’t visually coordinated or appealing; no matter how well organized, this usually ends up contributing to the clutter in a space. So where possible, stick to concealed storage options- inside cabinets, behind closed doors and under tables and counters. Even with these, make sure to arrange your possessions instead of dumping them inside, to make the most of the space.

Further, to expand storage space group similar items together to maximize on use and efficiency. Books strewn across the home can come together to create an impressive library, toys and sundries look charming when arranged on a shelf, and your vast collection of knitting yarn can make for a fascinating aesthetic when neatly stocked together. Remember, stuff only becomes clutter when you don’t store it properly!


Published in: Smart home | Author: Lynn