There’s little better than saving money while you sleep.

Whether it’s the cash in your high interest savings account growing by the day or demanding everyone in your family turns off their electrical devices before bed, slashing your outgoings and increasing the dough in your own pocket is simple.

Although this may sound like nothing more than a fanciful dream,

you don’t need to be a frugality ninja to squirrel away cash as you snooze,

it can be achieved with ease if your home is fitted with top quality double glazing.

Traditional Sunroom by  JML Interior Design
Traditional Sunroom by JML Interior Design

After all, most properties lose heat through their windows, so if your home’s existing glazing is anything but amazing, it’s time to understand the benefits energy efficient windows will make to your finances.

But that’s not all. Installing double glazing in your home will boost its value, because quality windows are often one of the first features a prospective buyer will look for.

How energy efficient glazing works

If you’re a fan of the television show How It Works, this may be of particular interest to you.

As you’re probably aware, double glazed windows consist of two sheets of glass with a gap in between, as this creates a barrier that helps keep heat in and prevent the cold weather sneaking through.

Not all windows are the same, however. When choosing your double glazing, look for the most energy efficient windows. This can be done by checking out their BFRC rating (BFRC is a premier UK authority for independently verified ratings of energy efficient windows and energy efficient doors), which comes in the form of a rainbow label on the item, allowing you to gauge how effective they’ll be in your cash saving quest.

Choosing your style

The energy efficiency of your windows isn’t the only consideration. Whether you live in a mock-Georgian mansion or a high-rise apartment, it’s important the windows you choose have the functionality you need.

Whether it’s tilt and turn, casement, reversible or sliding sash, there are a wide variety of options designed to give you minimal hassle and maximum functionality – which is an added bonus when the windows are already helping to save you cash.

In addition, there’s the question of whether you require timber windows or a uPVC finish.

Again, this all boils down to the look and feel of your property, as uPVC windows may look entirely out of place in an older house, while timber windows could easily date a contemporary looking new build.

Whatever way you look at it, however, it’s clear to see that adding double glazed windows is certain to add value to your home, improve its saleability and make sure your energy bills are suitably reduced.

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