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Elegant home found on the Gold Coast
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Choosing the best heating solution for your home

Winter is fast approaching, and most of you have already had to turn the heat on in your homes. This can sometimes be a cause for concern for people; their furnace may not be functioning correctly, the pilot light keeps going out, or the bill that comes with the heat. Whatever it may be you should know that there is more than one way to heat your house, and that maybe it is time you start considering an alternative.

With the prices in electricity and gas going up these days, there are companies out there that are starting to create and distribute more cost-effective and energy-efficient ways of heating [or cooling] the home.  There are also plenty of more traditional set-ups that are still being offered. Read on to find out about these options, maybe one will strike a chord.


There are two types of these; there are steam and hot water radiators. Steam radiators are some of the oldest heating systems out there, and the process of boiling and condensing the water used in them is certainly going to be less efficient in terms of time.  On the other hand, hot water radiators are much more common, and they are a bit more efficient in time and use than steam. These are good for room to room heating.

Solar heating

These heating systems are really starting to take off as more and more people get on board with the green movement. Basically, the solar energy that is harvested by the panels heats either a fluid or air and then transfers the heat directly to the space inside the home.  These are great for central power heating, and you are going to save a ton on your energy bill. The only catch is what it costs to install these, it can be expensive. However, if you’re able to foot the initial bill, it will pay for itself over and over again.

Heat pumps

If you only have electricity in your home, this is going to be one of the best options for you (regardless of the climate you live in). This is also referred to sometimes as electric resistance heating, and it basically converts almost 100% of the energy being used for heating into the heat itself.  Because of how efficient it is, your energy bill could be cut in half. There is a whole range of different types of heaters that fall into this category; electric furnaces, baseboard heaters, wall heaters, and thermal storage are all options you have here.

Radiant heating

Rather than heating the air, radiant heating warms up the panels in your floor, walls, and even in the ceiling of your home. Think of how heat comes off of a hot stove; there is a hot surface that transfers the heat throughout the framework of your home, then warming it entirely from the inside. This is a very efficient way of heating your home, and it can be used with gas, oil, wood, solar power, or a combination of these.

 Portable heaters

Otherwise referred to as space heaters, everyone loves these. They are obviously not very adequate in heating large rooms but they are a very inexpensive way of supplementing the existing heat (or lack thereof) in your home. They are great to place in rooms where people are especially sensitive to cold, i.e. the elderly or children. You can place them anywhere you want, as long as you have an outlet to plug them into.

So don’t let the cold get you down this winter, there are plenty of ways to keep warm and keep the cost relatively reasonable.

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