When you have a cramped and cluttered home, you may not be able to concentrate on the tasks you need to take care of; this is especially true if you work from home. You will probably feel a sense of frustration or even confusion as a result. You can remove this stress by learning how to maximize space in your home.

1. Choose multifunctional furniture


Instead of featuring a long and bulky coffee table in the living room or the guest room, you can buy a decorative trunk and place a medium-sized vase with colorful flowers on top of it. When you use a trunk in place of the coffee table, you can store magazines, toys and snacks for guests. Another idea is to install a built-in bookcase for your books on the wall.

2. I have small cabinets, what can I do to have more space?


If you need to maximize space in your home and you have small cabinets, remove the least used items in your cabinets and place them in decorative storage boxes. Then put these items on top of the small cabinets. Another idea is to install racks inside the cabinet doors so that you will not have overcrowded cabinet shelves.

3. Maximize bedroom space


One idea for increasing space in the bedroom is to purchase storage containers and fill them with bedroom items and laundry items, and then place these containers under the bed. Purchase a bedside table that also has a storage section so you can easily put away your laptop computer and other items.

4. Maximize kitchen space


Start by installing a hanging rack above the stove and hang your pots and pans off of this rack. Purchase a built-in refrigerator and a built-in oven so you can minimize the space taken up by these bulky appliances in the kitchen. Also, instead of investing in a long kitchen island, purchase a regular medium-sized round kitchen table.

5. Store bulky items in the least used room in the house

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For those who buy grocery items in bulk, your kitchen may not be a sufficient place to store them because of the limited space. In this case you should organize, label and store all of your bulk purchases in the least used room in the house, such as the basement.

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