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Useful adjustable workspace

5 essential small space remodeling tips

When you have a small kitchen, bathroom, office, bedroom or backyard, there are limits to what you can do. Don’t be deterred though–homeowners have a wide variety of tools and new technologies at their fingertips to help make the most of an area. With the right planning, you can still enjoy your small space to the fullest extent.
Consider these essentials when re-examining a small space and figuring out how to rearrange it to suit your needs:
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1. Organization
This should be the number one priority with any small space, as it will determine where everything goes and how to make it work for everyday life. For a bathroom, it might be determining where all the linens, medicine and other items go. For a small office, you might need to organize where books, the computer desk and any chairs can fit. You don’t want to clutter the space or you won’t have room to move around.
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2. Optimization
Once you’ve decided how to organize the elements, it’s time to optimize the square footage and wall space. Consider removing any hanging lights and investing in recessed lighting fixtures. If you have cabinets that stick out too far, you might replace them with thinner cabinets or see if you can install cabinets where the shelving is in the wall.
Is the bathtub or toilet too big for the bathroom? Maybe those should be replaced with smaller, energy-efficient alternatives. In your office, make sure your desk, tables, end tables, drawers and beds fit snugly into the room. You want a design that uses the floor space wisely and allows you room to move.

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3. Comfort
Think about the comforts you need and want in the room. Maybe it’s some art, statues, plants, rugs-whatever helps you feel at home. You will have to be picky because you don’t want to crowd the room. While large plants, paintings and tall statues are probably not recommended, you might be able to add large rugs and other flat or thin pieces without crowding the space.

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4. Technology
Consider investing in some new technology if you have the square footage and budget for it. In addition to energy-efficient pieces, there are wall surround sound speakers and waterproof  TVs you can put in your bathtubs and showers. You can also get flatscreen monitors in your office to save desktop space or hang flat screen TVs in your bedroom. Find a way to compromise space with these technologies so you can have both the latest gadgets and increase the value of the house as a whole.

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5. Balance
The key part of these small room remodels is to balance what you need and want. If your rooms are especially small, it should lean more towards what you need versus want. If it’s more open, you can spend more time and money on what you want. If you’re not sure where to start or you want some inspiration, you can always consult an interior designer that specializes in small spaces.
This article is written by Andrea Davis from HomeAdvisor. Photos courtesy of DesignMine