Small space ideas

Good things do come in small packages, as is fabulously illustrated by these small homes and tiny rooms. Delivering big on aesthetics, functionality and pleasant surprises, these designs and ideas are a must-know when you are looking to tame and break free of space constraints, and express grand ambitions in even the smallest of footprints.

Micro Loft Design

Manhattan Micro Loft Design

Vivid Small Apartment

Vivid Small Apartment in Russia

Tiny apartment design

Tiny Apartment Design Full of Charm

Tiny house on wheels

DIY Tiny House Proves You Can Live More Simply

Living simply is the key to happiness. A young couple believed in these words when they created their adorable tiny house.
Tree House Vacation Homes

Urban Tree House Vacation Homes

Adaptive Charm: The ViVood Modular Cabin

Tiny guest house

A Triumph in Tiny Spaces: Cylindrical Micro Cabin

Check out this tiny guest house in the Welsh countryside. It offers a good accommodation and a beautiful experience in nature.
Minimalist Micro House

Minimalist Micro House

Tiny house in the forest

Tread Lightly on the Earth with 4 Great Tiny Homes

Modern options in city living: tiny house in London

Modern options in city living: tiny house in London

Small wooden cabin that is big on style - exterior

Small Wooden Cabin That is Big on Style

Adorable small house

Cozy Comforts: Adorable Small House

This charming tiny home could be your perfect vacation retreat! You will love the nautical theme in soft pastel colors.