Small space ideas

Good things do come in small packages, as is fabulously illustrated by these small homes and tiny rooms. Delivering big on aesthetics, functionality and pleasant surprises, these designs and ideas are a must-know when you are looking to tame and break free of space constraints, and express grand ambitions in even the smallest of footprints.

Multi-Functional Loft With Even More to Offer

Limited space is not an obstacle but a challenge. And this incredible tiny loft unit will definitely inspire you!
The Alpha: An Innovative Small House

The Alpha: An Innovative Small House

This adorable design miracle will make you want to sell your house and move right in! Modern home in a neat package.
10 Easy to Follow Design Ideas for Small Apartments

10 Easy to Follow Design Ideas for Small Apartments

Small city living just got better! Learn all the tricks and enjoy a more spacious and well organized apartment!
Tiny Trailer Home Like No Other

A Tiny Trailer Home Like No Other

Bold enough to pack up your big lifestyle and trade it all in for a small modest abode? We'll make you consider it!
Camper Office or Office Camper

Camper Office or Office Camper?

Tired of your working environment? The DoJo Wheel camper office is as unique as it gets when it comes to office designs!
Small spaces infographic

3 Incredible Ideas for Compact Living

Meet three incredibly creative home owners who found the recipe to compact and energy efficient housing.
Comfy day bed with a view

This English Beach Hut Is Anything But Corny!

From breathtaking views to practical comforts and romantic touches, this adorable beach hut has it all! Come inside!
Tiny Victorian Cottage

Beautiful Tiny Victorian Cottage

The narrowest house inside

World’s Narrowest House

You will find this narrow house in Poland, squeezed between two buildings. It`s quite perfect for a single person. Ingenious design!
Modern Small Cottage in Utrecht

Modern Small Cottage in Utrecht

Recreation House is a contemporary small cottage in Netherlands that impresses with both simplicity and elegance.
Creative small space ideas

Unleash Big Potential with Small Space Solutions

It`s not so bad to live in a tiny apartment and we`re going to prove it. Take a look at this home with clever space-saving solutions!
Small guest apartment

The Boiler House Guest Apartment

It`s amazing how an old boiler room can be turned into a cozy small guest apartment. This design is really creative!