A Spanish Dreamy Summer Home
A Spanish Dreamy Summer Home
How to Create the Most Welcoming Entryway
How to Create the Most Welcoming Entryway

The Banyan Drive Treehouse in LA, California

This one of a kind structure is a unique wooden treehouse located in LA, California and is the perfect mixture between business and pleasure. The modest, one room piece of contemporary architecture was built as an office getaway for someone who adores nature.

The Banyan Drive Treehouse - LA, Calivornia - architecture

Inside you find an all wooden interior, a warm stained wood that hugs you from all around. Large floating shelves are stacked for ample storage, a built-in sofa that doubles as a bed for those long nights in the office, and a sleek wood stove provides all the heat you’ll need. The awning style windows provide a clear view of the gorgeous scenery around the home.

Large, thick metal beams protrude from below and extend up to the roof, providing a sturdy base for the home to sit on as well as lend a touch of ultra-modern flare.

The Banyan Drive Treehouse is the perfect small space solution for anyone who loves design, nature, and a serene getaway off the ground.

Banyan Drive Treehouse-living room

Banyan Drive Treehouse-home office

Banyan Drive Treehouse-interior

Although there’s a small toilet area included inside the home, there’s a roomy shower stall found just outside the abode and down the concrete slab stairs. It’s cleverly hidden form plain sight, but offers a nice, spacious place to shower outside in nature.

Banyan Drive Treehouse in LA-contemporary outdoor shower area

Banyan Drive Treehouse in LA-contemporary exterior

Perched 12 feet off the ground, the structure by Rockefeller Partners Architects showcases a multitude of materials such as mahogany trimmed windows, a deep-oiled wood siding to keep with the color theme, and a quirky Rheinzink style roof to top it all off.

Banyan Drive Treehouse in LA, CA-facade

Banyan Drive Treehouse-entrance

Banyan Drive Treehouse at night

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