A tree swing of childhood dreams

Admit it. Even as an adult when you see a swing, you still have urges of forgetting about the woes of your life and just reverting back to this favorite pastime. Connecting with your inner child can sometimes be quite nourishing to the spirit! Today’s feature is a tree swing brought to us by Dot & Bo, and it is sure to bring you joy!

This tree swing takes us back to the days when life was a lot simpler. It was made with love by hand from a crafter in Pennsylvania and is the perfect example of repurposing natural materials for the best benefit. Originally part of the pinewood flooring of a 19th century house, this beautiful swing contains an air of sophistication as well.

With an immaculate polish and very sturdy rope included, you’ll be able to swing carefree and look at the clouds passing by with childlike wonder!


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