Teardrop Shelf on white background

This quaint design has it all – clean, crisp lines, beautifully contained detailing, superior craftsmanship and a gorgeous tactile finish. Inspired by mid-century designs and proportions, the Teardrop Shelf offers a stunning and sleek opportunity in storage and display around your space.

Handmade in Maine, this product marries rich traditions with contemporary ideas and designs, creating an eternal piece that refuses to lose flavor across space and time.

The minimalist design and gorgeous lines of this shelf make it perfect for random displays of individuality and informal storage around the house. Both the design and the finish ensure that it effortlessly complements a variety of accessories and knick-knacks- from the organic to delicate man-made indulgences.

The Teardrop Shelf is available in five different sizes and configurations; it can be purchased as a single or a two shelf model in its small or large size, or as a 4 shelf large sized version.


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