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Wall Decor and Storage Cheats: Magnetic Modular Shelves

Magnetic Modular Shelf

City living has a lot of benefits. From being able to save tons on gas and car maintenance to being able to shop for all your needs in one block, you’re pretty lucky to have the best amenities available to you. However, when it comes to having the urge to develop your green thumb, you may have a bit of a challenge ahead of you.

Once upon a time, there were two good friends who, like you, were enjoying the concrete jungle in their respective apartments. They both wanted to start a little garden but couldn’t figure out how to make it happen with the space they were given. Tapping into their resourceful potential, Beau Oyler and Jarred Aller decided to creatively resolve their dilemma from scratch. Their ideas birthed the Urbio magnetic modular shelves that you see here today.

Coined the name “Urban Vertical Garden”, these magnetic modular shelves allow you to grow your herbs and plants in a way that boosts your health and saves space in your apartment. The different shapes and sizes allow you to accommodate any type of plant with style.

What’s the best part about this contemporary shelving system? If you’re not feeling like Mother Earth, you can always utilize them for other knick knacks that need a cool place to chill out that won’t clutter and frustration.

Beau and Jarred, you both deserve a round of applause!


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