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Four glass jars with herbs

Are you ready to take your planting skills to the next level? We definitely are! Today’s DIY project involves getting more creative with how we plant our beloved herbs and flowers. Sometimes it’s hard to grow beautiful things outside due to factors that may include living in an apartment without a balcony or not having a backyard of your own to cultivate. With this glass jar herb kit, you no longer have to worry about not being able to plant inside, as Brit+Co provides a simplistic way of starting your own interior herb garden!

This glass jar herb kit is originally the brainchild of Modern Sprout, a husband and wife duo that create genius ways of enhancing indoor planting and self-watering techniques. In this kit, you will get 4 colorful vintage mason jars, net pots, plant nutrients, soilless grow medium, polypro wick, and seeds. You have your choice of growing either organic basil, organic parsley, Greek oregano or cilantro. To start your herb garden, all you have to do is add the grow medium and plant nutrients to the net pot, insert the seeds and water and then set in a super sunny window. From there, you’ll be able to watch your herbs grow without forgetting about watering it, as itself self-watering system helps the plants take care of themselves.

So if you’re always on the go but are looking for a low-maintenance way to include fresh herbs into your home for healing and food-boosting, this kit would be perfect for you!

Images ©Brit+Co and Modern Sprout


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