Cheerful Santa Serving Bowl with Popcorn
Cheerful Santa Serving Bowl
Christmas Dinner Plates
Christmas Dinner Plates

Christmas Party Favorites: Reindeer Wine Glass

The kids are away and it’s time for the adults to play! Christmas parties that lead up to the official holiday can be just as fun as the holiday itself! Whether you are hosting a work party or a nice holiday get-together at your place, everyone can use a little drink after dealing with all the hustle and bustle that this season brings. Everyone could also use some much-needed humor to uplift their spirits. Keep the holiday cheer flowing with this adorable reindeer wine glass!

How can your guests resist those googly eyes and furry neck while pouring their favorite wine? We sure couldn’t! This reindeer wine glass is definitely a conversation starter with its animated and beautifully painted features. It also serves as a nice surprise Christmas present to give to your close friends. Even if some of your friends aren’t wine connoisseurs, you’ll find that they will find any excuse to drink something out of these fun glasses!


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