Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table - entire view

Unique Industry in Massachusetts brings you this beautiful reclaimed wood coffee table featuring exquisite patterns and textures. Handcrafted in the U.S. and strictly made to order, the coffee table uses the different colors and finishes of weathered wood to create interesting contrasts and patterns.

The darker exteriors of the wood are incorporated as moving triangles in the heart of the design, complemented by dark weathered pine wood triangles which are only ever so slightly lighter in color. The lighter weathered wood from the interior of the board forms the majority of the table top – rich in textures and stories.

The reclaimed wood table top is mounted on hairpin legs and stands 18 inches tall. The overall dimensions of this reclaimed wood coffee table are 37 inches x 35 inches, but these dimensions can be altered to suit individual needs and spatial requirements. As this table is made to order, you could conjure up your own patterns, forms and silhouettes to bring the charm of time-aged wood into your home. Add to that the green credits associated with this design and you have a sure shot winner on your hands!


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