Driven by a love for discovering, realizing and experiencing the unknown through the creative process, Dutch designer Pascal Smelik thrives on entering unchartered territories and reconfiguring spatial expectations. Rescuing pixels and our experience of the digital world from flat conformity, he interprets and explores the spatial dynamic afforded by them through everyday designs. The result- the Pixel Cabinet– a functional extrapolation of a digital muse, bringing a fresh and unique experience and aesthetic along with it.

A square pixel is extruded into a cube, building upon each other to carve out visuals and functions in three dimensions. The celebration of the simplicity and unlimited potential of a singular geometry may be modernist in concept, but its articulations are anything but familiar. In fact Smelik arrives at a piece of furniture that is as much a work of art as an item of utility. Thin pine shelves are balanced on long upright supports, animated by the pixels that bind them together and seeming to defy the very constraints of gravity itself!


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