Unique coffee table

Who doesn’t love the color pink? It’s fun, vibrant, soft, and warming. It brings to mind thoughts of bubble gum and cotton candy and warms the child hidden within all of us.

Okay, admittedly, pink’s not for everyone but for those of us who do enjoy the color this coffee table is a must have.

Beautifully handcrafted by artisans Robert Williams and Chad B. from Moderncre8ve, the modern neon pink coffee table pays a tribute to the 80’s and encompasses everything we loved about the loud era.

Using their more commonly known coffee table designs and geometric bases, the two designers decided to create something for the unique, fun loving individual. A plate of solid steel sits atop of a handmade geometric base of ¼” steel bars and is covered from top to bottom in a pink powder paint coating.

This beauty can be the next conversation piece in your home!


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