Yellow and blue mug sweaters

Looking for something fun and unique to gift someone this holiday season? Well, look no further – we have the perfect answer to your gifting dreams. The mug sweater gives your cup of coffee a fighting chance at staying warm and toasty, no matter how cold it gets outdoors.

Created by the incredible Nawanowe, the mug sweaters are offered in a wide range of colors, designs and tones, ensuring you find the ideal match for your mug and mornings.

Whether you fancy a simple, sleek covering for your cup or a fun avatar that animates your daily rituals, these sweaters abound in ideas and potential. There are simple sweaters for those who like to keep things unfussy, or you could go crazy and create a parliament of owls right on your coffee table!

The mug sweaters have adjustable arms that can be positioned to reflect your mood every morning, lending personality and pizazz to an otherwise quiet affair. Some designs even come with cute add-ons, such as the kangaroo sweater that houses message cards in its inbuilt pouch.

The sweaters are made with 85% wool and 15% acrylic yarn blend, and are sized to a standard 9.5 cm high, 8 cm wide coffee mug.


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