Mossy stones self adhesive wallpaper

Imagine exploding those stunning wallpapers on your computer and rendering an entire room in them – wouldn’t that look spectacular?! Well, thanks to these realistic wallpapers from The Binary Box, this is no longer just a fleeting fantasy.

Take the Mossy Shore wallpaper for instance; brimming with vivacious colors, intricate details and rich textures, the stunning graphics set this design a clear notch above the rest. Ideal for gazing upon in the living room, reception or personal office, this high-end finish wallpaper brings luxurious feel to every wall and surface it graces.

Using the latest self adhesive materials, this realistic wallpaper is just as easy to install as it is impressive once it is up.

Available as a series of four panels, you can bring home part of or the entire series, measuring 4 x 2.8 meters overall. The panels are also available in a smaller format, measuring 2.4 meters in length and are sold individually.


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