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Brighten Up With The Macaron Lamp

Macaron lamp - different colors

Who ever said functional design could not be cheerful and upbeat, better take a look at this lamp from Spanish designer Silvia Cenal.

Inspired by the spectrum of feelings evoked by the sight of a rainbow or childhood memories of sweet confectionery, the Macaron Lamp marries simplicity of design and material with a burst of enthusiasm.

Promising to light up your interiors in more ways than one, these suspended lamps are the ultimate accessory for bright moments and spaces in your day- whether at home or work, by yourself or with the children. The crafty design is in keeping with this tone as well, making light of what might seem like a dreadful lot of work.

The round fir plywood base is linked together by textile cords in vivid colors; the former lends a clarity characteristic of light to the design, while the latter adds that much loved element of play to the space and proceedings. Animated in lines of white, red, blue or yellow, the textile cord connectors offer an oft subtle way of bringing color to an otherwise silent and subdued decor.

The Macaron Lamp is available in two sizes of diameter 30 centimeters and 45 centimeters.


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