Marble Chess Set

This is not just another board game! This marble chess set is a luxurious royal treat for avid chess players and a captivating delight for onlookers.

The set amazes with exquisite intricacy of craftsmanship that rivals only the mesmerizing aesthetic appeal of its design. The elegant chess pieces, handcrafted by RADICALn, are made of top-quality coral and black fossil marble, and impress with a final look and feel that exude regal finesse and opulence.

The chess board has a smoothly polished playing surface beautifully complementing the entire grand artistic design of the set.

To showcase and protect the chess set, the manufacturer has devised a no-less attractive storage box. The exterior is made of hard wood, while the interior features a luxurious soft velvet lining with separate compartments for the individual chess figurines to keep them safe and unspoiled.

This marble chess is a great set to enjoy and play with both, indoors as well as outdoors, and an enticing piece of design artwork to admire.


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