Foosball coffee table
Foosball Coffee Table
Pizza Kettle Grill-to-Oven Kit
Pizza Kettle Grill-to-Oven Kit

Invisaplug Natural Wood Power Strips

The Invisiplug natural colored wood power strips will blend in with your wooden floors or light colored surfaces.  The power strip has 6 outlets to accommodate a variety of items, such as computer equipment.  Simply plug the 3 foot cord that is attached to the power strip into an outlet in your home or office. It also has an on/off switch so that it can be turned off easily with one click. The other advantage is that the Invisaplug is mountable on a wall or the side of a desk.  The attractive wood power strips will blend in with just about anything to make your room look good. Comes in 3 different colors: light natural, dark oak, and medium cherry.


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