3 Industrial lamps

Hand crafted in the U.S., this light fitting from D.G. Bowden combines the charm of old school industrial design with a contemporary flair for authenticity. The industrial wall lights mount a hanging pendant light sconce onto a pulley system that allows you to adjust and mount this design to fit perfectly into your home or space. What’s more it is incredibly stylish, making big impressions through even the slightest of its details!

These industrial wall lights come with a cast iron pipe and two aged ball bearings pulleys that allow you to adjust the height of the suspended lamp. The product comes with an old school wood handle cage light, but this can easily be swapped for another suitable lamp from the Bowden inventory or with a lamp you have at home.

The fitting comes with a 9 inch cord that enhances its adaptability, allowing you to mount and place the fitting at a height and location that best works with your décor. The lamp can lowered or raised as required, and the cloth cord can be anchored as desired using the cast iron wall cleat.


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