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Rattan Ball String Lights

Making Gold-dipped Vases at Home

How to make gold-dipped vases

Welcome to the beautiful world of vases! Whether you have fresh cut flowers or some stylish knick-knacks to put in them, they are considered a more versatile interior design item overall. And rightfully so! If you’re looking to add more chic sophistication to your existing vases, try these gold dipped vases on for size!

Brit+Co provides a super easy kit that remarkably only has 3 supplies to contend with. With just 5 vases, some gold paint and painter’s tape you’re ready to go.

Taking the painter’s tape, you want to cover one part of the vase with it so that you know exactly where you want the spray the gold. Next, you will start spraying the gold on the non-taped part. (It’s important to note that whichever way you choose to accent your vases also affects others, so please be spray in a well-ventilated area!) After leaving the vases to dry for a little bit, you’re in the clear to continue filling it with your heart’s desire.


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