Plants are some of the best accessories you could ever ask for in your home. With just some soil and seed, you can watch vibrant plants grow before your very eyes.

Taking a shortcut and buying already bloomed plants work too! Not only do they help cleanse the air but they bring life to any room just by being there.

If you have some plants that would love to catch more sun but are smaller than what you usually use to hang plants, using this DIY macramé hanging planter kit by Brit+Co would help upgrade your interior garden in no time!

This macramé hanging planter could also bring even more fun dimensions to your existing flower pots. But if you’re looking to start new planters from scratch, we’ve got you covered on that too. All you would need is a few strips of jersey knit fabric, a ceramic planter, some scissors, a tape measure and a hook screw.

After cutting your fabric into 8, 1.5 inch strips, you will stretch and roll them until they are round. From there, gather all the strips into one big knot and pull to secure. You then want to separate the strips into 4 pairs of 2 and tie knots in those pairs 1.5 inches apart. After repeating this about three times, it’s time to test them out on the planter! Once you have the desired fit over your planter, tie all the strips into one last giant knot to secure it for good. Install your hook screw, mount the planter and you’re all set!

You would never believe that this project only takes 30 minutes to complete!

Check out the full tutorial on Brit+Co.


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