How to hand-stamp pillow covers

Sometimes you want to add your own style to the things you use every day. As they say, you have more appreciation for the things you create yourself. So why not get creative with things that you would normally leave as is? Although pillow covers come in a ton of different colors and designs nowadays, there’s nothing like the feeling of knowing that you personalized your own and will never see another duplicate anywhere else. With today’s feature, we are honored to share with you this special DIY project by Brit+Co. In less than 5 minutes, we are going to show you how to hand-stamp pillow covers for any bed or couch in your home!

The best thing about Brit+Co is that they already make sure you have everything you need in a cool kit, so there’s no reason to have to run out at the last minute. With fewer than 10 supplies, you’re already on your way to fabulous accent pillows. All you will need are 2 pillow covers (16 x 16 inch), a stamping block, fabric paint, sticky back foam, scissors and a pencil.

To start, use the back of your sticky foam to trace around the wood block. Take your scissors and create your own unique shapes with the foam. When you’re ready, remove the paper backing and stick one side of the foam shapes to the wood block. Brush a little fabric paint with the color of your choice onto the pillow and start stamping away! (Please note that in between stamping, you may have to reapply a little paint) After finishing up your pillow cover designs, allow the paint to dry for about 4 hours and about 3 days total before you decide to wash them.


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