Names written with marker on wine glasses

Most people hear the term ‘glass pens’ and think of a writing utensil made of glass. It’s not a familiar term for the specialty marker used by wine lovers to write and draw of their wine glasses but the product is quickly growing in popularity and can be used in more ways than you think.

The Vino Marker 4-pack, for example, comes in three amazing metallic colors; gold, silver, and red. They’re nontoxic and food grade approved. The colors stick to any glass, glazed ceramic, or plastic surface and won’t rub off from the use of your fingers. Toss them in warm soapy water and the ink easily washes off.

These unique markers are commonly used for writing your name on your wine glass at a party as to not lose it or confuse it with someone else’s glass. But they can be used in a number of other ways.

The glass pens are great for labelling mason jars, making gifts, setting up a wine tasting, and even for labelling homemade wine. A great addition to any household.


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