Delicate and stylish candle holder

Looking for that “just right” touch for your special event? Something that’s delicate and simple, but offers a unique form of style?

This hand crafted glass candle holder is a fabulous way to accessorize a table while also creating ambiance with candle light.

Each one is made from thin sheets of glass and manipulated into geometric forms. After the metallic finish is applied, each piece of the copper candle holder is soldered together to create the icosidodecahedron or other geometric shapes.

The real beauty of these unique designs is that they’re not limited to just being candle holders. They can be used as decorative boxes for rings and other small items, or turned into a gorgeous keepsake box for you or someone you love.

And with the option to choose your metallic finish, you can truly customize them to your own personal tastes.


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