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Mini Garden Planter for Green Thumbs
ECO-Cycle Aquaponics Kit
ECO-Cycle Aquaponics Kit

Dual Benefits: Fish Tank and Herb Planter in One

Although having a fish is always a joy to look at, there may be some parts of caring for the fish that are rather tedious. Depending on its size, the process of cleaning its tank can really take some time!

How would you like a natural system that did most of that work for you while also providing delicious herbs to use in your kitchen? It may sound mighty weird, but this fish tank and herb planter duo from Back to the Roots will change the way you look at an ecosystem for the rest of your life!

This fish tank and herb planter uses an age-old technique, called aquaponics, that naturally recycles everything in a very eco-friendly way! While the fish peacefully swims below, the plants are nourished by its waste. In return, the plants help keep the water clean. What a clever exchange!

With the inclusion of herb seeds and a discount on buying a fish for the tank, this would be a great gift for your children!


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