Fancy Sitting on a Fashionable Chair

The city of Milan, and its eternal romance with form and fashion, finds new expression in the Sediagonna chair – a timeless and utterly erotic accessory for your space and sitting experience. A striking design that takes the iconic Chair No.14 from Thonet as its starting point, this fashionable chair steps things up by offering furniture to dress your space and yourself up with.

Designer Giorgia Paolini adds layer of fluidity and ideas onto the core frame of Thonet’s chair, draping it in the flowing lines and grace of a floor length gown. What results is a breath-taking statement that is sure to knock the socks of users and viewers alike.

Using CAD and 3D software, each curve and edge of the Sediagonna chair is crafted to perfection. Conceived and designed as part of a design competition, this fashionable chair was originally painstakingly constructed in wood. It has since shifted to epoxy finish fiberglass as its material of choice, giving it a pleasing thin profile and keeping it well under 7kgs in weight.

A limited edition of 100 chairs is available in red and white on Crowdy House, and each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity.


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