DIY valet tray

How do you store your valuables on a regular basis? Do you have one special place to put all of your essentials when you are always on the go, in and out of the house? If not, you would definitely want to consider it! If you have some extra time on your hands today, you may want to try making this DIY valet tray.

It comes in a kit provided by Brit+Co, who also teamed up with Chelsea Foy of Lovely Indeed to show you how it’s done! For this project, you will need a leather square, varnish, E6000 glue, a paintbrush, a metal leaf and clothespins.

To begin, you want to saturate your leather square with some water on both of its sides in order to make it a little more pliable. Next, you want to fold the edges up and secure in place using the clothespins. Apply some of the glue to the corners and then place the clothespins again so that it can dry. After a few hours of drying time, you will be able to remove the clothespins and then apply some varnish on the outside part of the valet. Laying down a sheet of gold leaf foil, place the leather on top of it and then proceed to fold the leaf onto the sides of the valet. Remove any excess leaf and seal the valet with a second coat of varnish.

After letting it dry and set overnight, your DIY valet tray will be completed!


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