Eco-friendly bamboo beauty station

Ok ladies; let’s talk about our vanity areas! Day in and day out we wake up and make sure we are absolutely fabulous before leaving out the house. What most may not know is that our vanities and dressers are sometimes filled with all kinds of beauty aides that are conveniently within arm’s reach when we are heading for work or out for a night on the town.

Over time, however, our vanities and dressers may become quite messy, as we don’t always have to time to keep it tidy on a daily basis while out enjoying life. But there will be times where tidying it up just a bit could prevent frustrations and delays when trying to rush out of the door. Brit+Co provides us with a solution to this with a bamboo beauty station originally created by iSkelter.

This beauty station is just one of the innovative creations of Iskelter, who specializes in hand-making tech accessories from eco-friendly bamboo. So not only will you be reorganizing your vanity space a bit better, but you would also be helping the environment by purchasing a product that doesn’t harm it. Another great benefit about this bamboo beauty station is that it has a slot for inserting your iPad when you need a better mirror.

How would you love doing your makeup and catching a great vibe to your favorite jams all at the same time?


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